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   Treo 650

My Treo 650

When I got my first Palm, a 'V' back in 1998 I think it was I immediately wanted to have my phone combined with the Palm. A few years later there was a rumour about talks between Nokia and Palm, but that never materialized.
Then came Handspring and their first phones looked kind of promising but fell far short for what I wanted. If they had gotten their phones out back in the late 90's I might have gotten one of them, provided that they had been GSM phones (I can't remember if they were).
The first PalmOS driven phone that I seriously considered was the Treo 600. But it too was not really powerful enough. I also didn't like the idea that there was a 'keyboard' and not the graffiti input.

Well, then, my Nokia phone started showing signs of early retirement last spring (2005). I had used it for only 3 years... but I guess having it in your pocket while doing construction work and whatnot does wear a phone out. ;-)
I ahd already been looking (or perhaps drooling) at the Treo 650. I was still skeptical about the keyboard but when I tired it out at a store I found it to be quite convenient and not so clumsy as I thought it would be.

So I got one, unlocked ofcourse since in Finland it is not legal to sell phones locked to a carrier, which ofcourse means that we pay a premium price for our phones but are able to switch providers more frequently that some people take out their trash. It also helps that we nowadays can keep our phone number when switching providers.

There are a lot of things that I really like about the Treo and ofcourse some things that I don't. The size is OK, it could be slimmer and have a slightly larger screen but it is very useful. A "landscape widescreen" version of it would be nice.


I grown used to the keyboard and I really wouldn't want to be rid of it anymore. The speed of writing is magnitudes faster than with graffiti or using the onscreen keyboard.
The speed of the phone is not awesome but very good for a PDA/Phone in my experience.
I really enjoy the massive amounts of programs that have been written for the PalmOS and since there are a few applications that I think I cannot live without I just had to get a PalmOS and not a Symbian based phone. Having used the phone for slightly over half a year I have discovered a lot of new and useful utilities and programs. More on those here


Although I've grown to like the keyboard I really wish that there had been more thought put into the design for entering "special" characters like our scandinavian å, ä, ö and others like these. As it is now I have to press multiple buttons and also more than once in orde to produce them. I really, really would want to be able to sort the characters in the list so that the ones that I need are placed first. That would speed things up considerably.